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How to save the rainforest

Applied economics today. How would an economist save the rainforest? #economics #economicsmemes #economicsclass #economicsnotes #economicstudent #economicsstudent #economicstimes #microeconomics #behavioraleconomics #economicsteacher
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Development dynamics video

Development dynamics is the theme of today's video. About halfway through the syllabus. #igcsegeography #igcsegeographymemes #igcsegeographythemes #igcsegeographytrip #igcsegeographynotes #igcsegeographytutor

Price Mechanism: Worst frost in decades decimated French wine harvest

  Supply and demand in action here with news that exceptional frosts in France have caused significant damage to French wine-growers. Already hit hard from the effects of the pandemic and by the imposition of tariffs on their wine exports by the United States (under Trump), severe frost is expected to have severely cut the grape harvest year. Frosts will cause an inward shift of market supply and drive prices higher assuming that stocks from previous grape harvests are unable to make up the difference. Farmers lit thousands of fires in their vineyards in an attempt to stop vines from freezing which has also created significant smog around Lyon - an example of a negative externality (creating external costs) something that the ultimate buyer of the wine isn't likely to have to take into account even if the market prices of their favourite wines will rise in the weeks and months ahead. The supply of kiwis, apples, stone fruits has also been damaged by these freezing temperatures. Mor

Moral hazard: Does vaccination increase risk-taking behaviour?

  New research finds evidence of increased risk-taking behaviour after flu vaccination, which can counter the vaccine’s effectiveness. The study by Manuel Hoffmann and colleagues reported to the 2021 RES Annual Conference concludes that at minimum, policy-makers may want to communicate to individuals that they should not forgo additional protective measures after they get vaccinated, particularly in the current pandemic. The researchers also find that making it easier for people to get vaccinated – for example, by offering vaccines in the workplace during the working week – improves take-up, as does making use of ‘peer effects’. By lowering  opportunity costs  of getting vaccinated, it is possible to increase substantially participation in a health campaign; and policies that provide incentives for group behaviour and peer comparisons may be leveraged to improve further people’s willingness to join such campaigns.

Ghana's farmers eye sweet success from chocolate

  This extended piece   by   Ijeoma Ndukwe   from BBC Business is a superb read on the challenges of overcoming dependency on cocoa growing in Ghana. Ghana's farmers eye sweet success from chocolate — BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld)  April 11, 2021 The retail industry was worth $107bn (£78bn), according to one projection, but Ghana - the world's second largest cocoa producer - earned just around $2bn The overall story will be a familiar one to students who appreciate why such a small percentage of the final retail price we pay for our chocolate products goes into the pockets and accounts of the cocoa growers themselves. Processing and branding chocolate offers higher value added and has the potential to lift per capita incomes in Ghana which is the second biggest producer of cocoa beans in the world. But as the article makes clear, transitioning from growing to processing is not without cost and risk. Intermittent energy supplies, the expense of buying or

Ace your IGCSE ESL exam question 1

In today's video, a request from a subscriber. This is IGCSE ESL question 1. Next video will be the common mistakes.  #igcseesl #igcseeslwriting video link Also, we go through the most common exam mistakes that students make doing question 1. Common mistakes videos

IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences 4.3 Biology

Today's work, Co-ordinated Sciences. Slowly working my way through the syllabus. #igcse #igcsebiology #igcsestudent #igcsetutor #igcsescience Our video